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About the Crew

Meet the Team: Meet the Team


A'Lisa Ozment

A’Lisa started APR as a one woman show over 20 years ago as a young mom. This amazing, fun-loving business owner loves what she does and it truly shows. She likes to look at the big picture to make sure APR is providing the best service to its builders and developers. She is also always on the lookout for the latest tech to help everyone work smarter not harder. She cares about her team members as well as the builders and developers that they serve. She takes great pride in the work that APR does creating and maintaining magnificent communities that will be testaments to their developers for years to come. When she is not working A’Lisa enjoys boating and hanging out at her house-barge on Lake Belton with her family. She also enjoys cooking and a good glass of wine. Her favorite quote is actually a Bible verse: “A joyful heart makes a cheerful face” Proverbs 15:13.

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