APR Community Profile:  Pomona by Hillwood 

Pomona Model Homes by Hillwood
 Russell Bynum
Russell Bynum

APR is proud to provide architectural control for Pomona, in Manvel, TX.   

Developed by Hillwood Communities, Pomona is a 1,110-acre Lifestyle community with amenities carefully designed to promote genuine connection, inspiration, and growth.  Someday more than 2,200 families will call Pomona home, choosing among award-winning builders like Coventry Homes, David Weekley Homes, Highland Homes, Lennar, Perry Homes, and Toll Brothers.  Recently Pomona was named Community of the Year by the Greater Houston Builders Association—for the second year in a row! 

At the helm of Pomona is Russell Bynum, General Manager of Hillwood Communities in Houston.  APR sat down with Russell to understand how architectural control plays a role in his community’s success. 

Q:  Russell, tell us a little about you. 

A: I’ve been General Manager for Hillwood Communities for nearly 8 years, after having spent time working for national homebuilders and also for a large engineering firm.  I hail from the Lone Star State, obtaining my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas and my MBA in Real Estate Finance from the University of Houston.   

Q: You’ve been with Hillwood Communities for almost a decade.  You must love it!  Tell us what’s so appealing? 

A:  I have a passion for creating beautiful and sustainable communities that enrich the lives of their residents. I thrive on problem solving, team building, and executing a well devised plan.  Working at Hillwood allows me to follow my passion—and to create amazing communities that families will enjoy for decades to come. 

Q: How did you come to know Architectural Plan Review? 

A: I must thank my colleague Karin Sumrall in our Dallas region.  She introduced me to A’Lisa Ozment, and it was like a breath of fresh air. 

Q: How so? 

A:  Let’s face it, the architectural control process can be clunky.   It’s crazy how many mistakes can be made if you’re not paying attention.  APR has a digital solution and an innovative system.  When I saw how much time it could save for my team, I was like, “Wow, we need this!” 

Q:  Go on… 

A: I found that APR had done some innovative thinking in developing APRTrac, which is essentially a digital record for years to come.  Having a program like that keeps everyone honest.  It even works with our interactive sales tool, so the builder sales agents have insight into the approved design guidelines, and they know which elevations and colors are approved to sell.  Even better, APR has boots on the ground; our inspector Kevin does a great job interacting with builder construction teams in the field to improve communication and minimize mistakes.  APR is a true partner. 

Q:  Do you think architectural control has influenced Pomona’s home sales success? 

A:  Absolutely!  Our Model Home Park has been recognized for its design appeal.  That doesn’t come without an attention to detail.  Home elevations, setbacks, color packages, the landscape plan.  These are all areas that APR helps us to manage effectively. And then home shoppers see the attention to detail as they drive through the community.  They may not know why they like the curb appeal so much, but we do!   

Q:  Pomona is also known for its attention to landscaping.  Tell us about that. 

A:  Thanks for asking!  We put a lot of thought into our street tree program.  We have three different tree species throughout the community, and the trees installed vary among the neighborhoods.  That makes for a beautiful and interesting streetscape.  One tree species we call for is a Cedar Elm, which turns a lovely orange in the fall and then loses its leaves.  So, the streetscape changes with the season.  APR also collaborates with us to manage builder landscape plans, by the way! 

Q: Russell, thank you!  APR is so pleased to be part of the Pomona community.  Congratulations on your success at Hillwood Communities! 

A:  Thank you for what you do to help us succeed.   

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